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Tips for Riding ATV Safely

Have you rode on an ATV before? If not, you should know that they are extremely fun and provide a great way to travel on properties that aren’t accessible in regular cars and trucks. ATV riding is exceptionally enjoyable, but it also comes with its downfalls. For starters, there are maintenance expenses that need to be covered, and there are also numerous safety concerns with this form of transportation. Please keep in mind, though, that with experience and a willingness to be careful, it is possible to steer clear of ATV accidents. Here’s a quick look at safety tips for riders who have just started ATV riding.

Wear the Right Gear

Thankfully, there are several pieces of gear and protective accessories that can be worn while riding to help prevent injury. The basics tend to include gloves, long pants, helmet, long-sleeved shirt, goggles, and over-the-ankle boots. To enjoy an enhanced safety experience, you’ll want to wear shin pads, guards for your wrists and knees, as well as a chest protector. 

Take a Safety Course

Depending on where you live and plan to ride, operators of ATVs under a certain age may be required to take a safety course. The course itself will teach you about the basics of riding, including how to operate the machine and safety accessories that can be added. 

Keep the ATV Out of Sight

Does everyone really need to know that you have an ATV? We live in a world with people who steal, and it’s these people who you want to keep your ATV hidden from. No one but you and those you trust should know where your ATV is stored. No matter where you store it, though, make sure to cover it with a tarp.

To learn more about safely driving your ATV, contact the Brandywine Insurance Group.

Community Involvement in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Brandywine Insurance Group encourages community involvement in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. There are many great things to do to help people. It is interesting to be a volunteer. It is also rewarding in ways that are surprising. The smile you make in others is the smile you have yourself. Love is the one thing you get more of by giving it away.

Here are some wonderful ways to share the love:

Donate Old Computers and Equipment – Computers Count, serving Baltimore and the surrounding areas, will pick up old computers and wipe the hard drive completely clean. They refurbish them and give them to needy organizations, such as local schools.

Give Food to Local Food Banks – lists nine food banks in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

Donate Items – There are three local Goodwill donation centers. Another wonderful organization is Cradles to Crayons.

Donate Blood – The American Red Cross and the Miller-Keystone Blood Center welcome blood donations. Blood is perishable so the supply needs constant updating. Your blood donation, especially if of a rare type, could save a life.

Adopt a Pet from an Animal Shelter – Find a new pet at the Animal Rescue Foundation of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Chester County SPCA, or the many nearby animal shelters.

Visit a Nursing Home – So many elderly are lonely. Just having someone to talk with, gives an elderly person an enjoyable day.

Donate and/or Volunteer at Meals On Wheels – Meals on Wheels of Chester County, located in West Chester, serves 85% of Chester County, delivering hot meals to homebound seniors.

Volunteer to Help – shows hundreds of volunteer opportunities in the Chadds Ford area. There are many volunteer opportunities working for the local government of the Chadds Ford Township.

Community involvement by everyone makes our community a better place to live. Brandywine Insurance Group is proud to help the community and to provide insurance for all your insurance needs. Stop by our offices at 2 Ponds Edge Drive in Chadds Ford or email us and tell what you did to make a difference.

Don’t Drive Abroad Without Reading This

If you are planning on driving abroad, there are various things you want to know. The last thing you want to do is book a rental car and not know about what to expect. A few tips can provide you with greater confidence upon arrival.

Depending upon where you are traveling, the road signs and the laws on the road may be considerably different. It is best to prepare for what you are going to see so that you don’t break any laws and so that you can drive safely.

You may need more than your state driver’s license in order to be legal on the roads. An International Driving Permit may be required, and the rental car company will tell you what you need. An IDP can easily be obtained from AAA and various other clubs for a small fee.

Some kind of insurance should be in place for when you are driving the rental car. You don’t want to be out of pocket for a car accident or any other damage that may occur to the car, even when it’s parked.

A GPS unit can be rented so that you don’t have to depend upon the GPS within your smart phone. Particularly when you are in another country, data roaming charges can add up quickly.

If you are going to be driving on the other side of the road, you may also want to familiarize yourself with this. If you are going to drive into any of the city centers, you may also want to depend upon public transportation because navigating the congested roads can be overwhelming.

Auto insurance is a must in Pennsylvania. Instead of doing everything solo, one of our independent agents can help you with coverage, rate comparisons, and more. Call now and one of our Brandywine Insurance Group agents can begin helping you.

What You Need To Know About Auto Insurance & Hit And Runs

Driving around Pennsylvania can be hectic. Accidents happen every day, and some of them are hit and runs. Whether you were responsible for hitting someone or someone hit you, it is important to have the necessary auto insurance in place that will provide you with coverage. Otherwise, you can find yourself spending a lot of your own money in order to make repairs and take care of medical bills.

The state requires you to have a certain level of auto insurance. There are additional levels of coverage that you can add above and beyond, and these can be affordable and advantageous. You will be able to choose what coverage you want as well as the limits.

To protect against hit and runs, you will want to explore such coverage as:

  • Collision
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

All of these can be added to your policy. How much it will cost will depend upon the insurance company that you ultimately choose to get your policy from. It will also depend upon what limits you have chosen for each form of coverage. The higher the limit, the more the insurance company will pay when you file a claim. The goal is always to minimize the amount of money that you could potentially spend out-of-pocket. It is better to pay a deductible and then have the insurance company pay for the rest.

The coverage can take care of repairing your vehicle and paying for medical bills for you and passengers who were in the car with you.

Call us at the Brandywine Insurance Group now to speak to one of our agents. We can talk to you about auto insurance in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and answer any questions you may have about coverage, hit and runs, and more.


How To Stay Budget Conscious On A Road Trip

When you are in Pennsylvania, you may want to go on a road trip periodically. It may be because you already have a destination in mind and don’t want to spend the money on airfare. You may also want to go on an adventure with family or friends.

Before you pack the car and get on the road, there are a few things you should know in order to stay more budget conscious for your road trip.

Figure out where you are going and how you are going to get there. You will want to know the general route you are going to take, including whether you are taking the most direct route or a scenic route. Allow for some time to stop at various attractions along the way.

Download an app to your smart phone to help you find out the most affordable gas prices along your trip. GasBuddy is a popular app and it will tell you which gas stations have the lowest prices.

Visit grocery stores instead of fast food restaurants. Can save a significant amount of money by packing a cooler for the back seat instead of going through all of the burger places.

Instead of staying overnight at hotels and motels, you may want to pack attend and visit some of the campsites around the country. It will make your trip more adventurous, and you can save a significant amount of money.

It is also a good idea to research what is going on throughout the state you’re traveling through. Especially during the summer months, there may be free festivals, fairs, and concerts, providing you with affordable entertainment.

At Brandywine Insurance Group, we are committed to helping you find affordable auto insurance. Contact us today and let one of our independent insurance agents find a policy that works for you in Chadds Ford.



Renters Insurance Provides Tenants with Important Protections

Renters insurance is like homeowners insurance, except it’s specifically designed for people who rent their home. It doesn’t cover the building, because renters don’t own the building they live in. However, it does provide tenants with a host of important protections.

Renters Insurance Protections

Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance policies are comprised of several different coverages. Specific coverages vary from policy to policy, and you should carefully review those included in any policy you’re considering purchasing. Some common coverages that are often found in policies include:

  • personal property coverage, which protects your belongings
  • medical payments coverage, which may pay a guest’s medical bills if they’re injured in your apartment
  • additional living expenses coverage, which may pay for lodging if you can’t stay in your apartment due to a covered incident

Without renters insurance, most tenants don’t have a way to protect them from fire, theft or an accident they’re held responsible for. That’s why everyone who rents their home should have renters insurance.

Renters Insurance Agents

If you don’t have renters insurance and rent an apartment in Chadds Ford, PA, let us at Brandywine Insurance Group help you find a policy. We have independent insurance agents who are licensed in Pennsylvania. As independent agents, they can compare policies from any insurance company in Pennsylvania. They’ll explain the different protections included in and show you the premiums for each one.

Finding a renters insurance policy only takes a few moments, because our agents are able to compare many policies quickly. To discuss renters insruance with one of our agents, give our office a call or contact us through our website.



Chadds Ford, PA Motorcycle Insurance

We all cut some corners to try and save some money, but you really don’t want to be riding around on minimum liability insurance coverage, particularly if you’re on a motorcycle. Cars have much greater stability because they have four wheels whereas motorcycles only have two. A driver of a car and their passengers are surrounded by steel that offers them protection; motorcycles offer no such protection. Drivers of cars have seat belts to keep them from being ejected; seat belts are useless on motorcycles.

Even if involved in a low speed accident, you’re at a much higher risk of sustaining serious injuries on a motorcycle. The issue with motorcycles and minimum liability insurance is that although the risk of serious injury on a motorcycle is much greater, you’re only covered if you cause injuries to somebody else. You’re virtually uninsured if you’re involved in a single vehicle accident, and you have no protection if you’re hit by an uninsured driver.

We’re independent insurance agents and we live and work around the Chadds Ford, PA area. We’re connected with multiple motorcycle insurers that compete for your business by giving you the lowest possible rates. That fact makes coverage beyond the bare minimum affordable for you so that you’re surrounded by the full motorcycle insurance that you need.

You may have never been in a motorcycle accident before. That doesn’t mean that a deer isn’t going to jump in front of you, or that a drunk uninsured driver isn’t going to make a left turn in your path. There are just too many things that can happen out there. You can compare quotes from our website, call us or just stop in. We’re pleased to talk with you. You’ll be happy that you did that.

How Do I Buy Home Insurance In Chadds Ford?

It’s important to know about how to buy home insurance in Chadds Ford, PA. This will ensure you have protection on your home in case something happens. If you don’t have to pay out of pocket, it is to your benefit. It is much easier (and more affordable) to call the insurance company and file a claim so you can have them pay for the repairs or replacements.

Your homeowners insurance policy can provide protection for:

– Fire/smoke damage
– Sinking foundation
– Floods
– Theft
– Injury liability

Not all policies are created the same and therefore you will want to explore the coverage that is available. You may be able to increase coverage based upon the type of dwelling that you have as well as the value of your home.

There are various forms of coverage that you will want to explore with home insurance. This includes renters insurance, flood insurance, and more. This will allow you to prepare for bad weather and know that there is sufficient protection if there is a problem with your home, even if you choose to rent it out to someone else.

Our agents are able to talk to you about coverage and help you to decide what is going to best protect your home. We will provide you with recommendations and work to find options that are within your budget. This will ensure that you have an affordable policy without going broke. There are plenty of ways to keep your policy affordable and we will explore discounts that you qualify for.

Call and talk to one of our independent agents today. We can find quotes for you to compare rates and then determine what policy will work best for you and your budget. This can be the easiest way to buy a policy.




What Auto Insurance Coverage Is Required?

At least some kind of auto insurance is required in the state of Pennsylvania. Failure to have minimum coverage can result in fines as well as suspension of your driving privileges.

In Pennsylvania the state determines the minimum level of coverage, which focuses on liability. You will need to have personal injury and property damage liability coverage of the minimum amount within your policy in Chadds Ford. You may also decide to increase the coverage beyond the minimum to provide additional protection.

This is the only form of insurance coverage that is required. However, you may also want to explore the optional coverage that can be obtained. This will allow you to have greater peace of mind while on the roads knowing that you have better coverage. If something were to happen, you could call the insurance company and file a claim instead of having to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Additional coverage includes:

– Uninsured motorist
– Underinsured motorist
– Collision
– Comprehensive

These can be added to your policy and without spending a lot of money. It can be a small price to pay to know that you have the better coverage in place in case you are involved in an accident. Increasing the liability coverage may also be money well spent so you are not financially responsible for what is left after insurance has taken care of what happens in an accident.

As an example, if you have property damage liability coverage of $25,000 and your accident causes $30,000 worth of damage, the remaining $5,000 would be your responsibility.

When you call and talk to one of our independent agents, we can go over the auto insurance coverage that is required. We can then offer you suggestions of coverage based upon what commonly occurs in Chadds Ford. Call today and we will get quotes for you, too.